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European IUDTV IPTV – 1 Year Subscription

RM599.00 RM299.00

Product Features: 

1.  Iudtv is an online TV program whose server is stable and has been running steadily for more than 4 years. We have won praise from customers from all over the world.

2.  It can work with Android device, Mag250, Mag254, Mag256, Tvonline, MigoBox, Enigma2/Linux Receiver, Iphone, Ipad, VLC Player and Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Sony for example)

3.  It has 2000+ live channels, including channels for Arab, Italy, Spain, Turkey, UK, Albania, France, Sweden, Greece, US, India, Germany, Africa, Romania, Netherlands, Portugal, Iran, Poland, Russia, Belgium.

Iudtv offers great quantities of sport channels, including Be IN Sport, Sport, Visat Sport, Tring Sport, Fox Sport and so on. With Sport channels in Iudtv, you will not miss any exciting Game.

Beside, cartoons also be provided in Iudtv. These cartoons can give your kids fun and catch their attention, then you will have time to shopping online, read books, and listen to the music you like.

4.  With EPG forecast function for Swedish channels, you will not miss the series or program you like.

5.  This is subscription only, not include any box or device.

6.  For better watching experience, the bandwidth should be over 8Mbps to enjoy HD channels smoothly.

7.  IPTV Validity: Code will be calculated from when we activate it in our server for you.

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Subscription banning rules:

  1. Don’t try to log in more equipment with one subscription, or we will ban it forever.
  2. Don’t try to invade the server, or we will ban it forever.
  3. Don’t try to share the TV program, or we will ban it forever.
  4. Don’t using VPN/ VPS/ other Shared Platform to watch iptv subscription, or we will ban it forever.


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