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Plex Pass Premium – 1 Year Subscription

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Plex organizes all of your media collections—movies, shows, music, photos, and videos—and streams them to any device, anytime, anywhere.

Plex also helps you cut the cord! Go premium with a Plex Pass and use Plex Live TV & DVR to watch and record free over-the-air HD TV, like NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX (in parts of the US; networks vary by location), with any supported digital antenna and tuner.

Packed with tons of free features, like remote access, sharing, security, and casting, Plex also makes your media beautiful with rich descriptions, artwork, ratings, and more.

Stay up-to-date with Plex News: a free, personalized video newscast with trusted local, national, and international news sources, like CBS, Euronews, IGN, AJ+, Sky News, and more.

Enjoy premium features with a Plex Pass subscription: Live TV & DVR, Mobile Sync, Premium Photos, Premium Music, Parental Controls, and so much more.

Want to use Plex on all of your devices, any time, anywhere? Visit for more information.


Plex Features

Plex gives you instant access to awesome features, wherever you go. Whether it’s your huge movie collection, weeks of music, or loads of video footage and photos, Plex makes it easy to enjoy them all. See more here


Stream smarter.

Your favorite web shows, podcasts, video news, recorded shows and live TV, plus your personal media, streamed to your favorite screens.


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