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Unblock-US VPN – 6 months subscription

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Unblock geographically locked US streaming content (example: Hulu, HBO GO, DirecTV, Xfinity TV, Sling TV, etc).

*** IMPORTANT: Netflix US has blocked UnblockUS. However, you can enjoy Netflix Malaysia without DNS/VPN.

By using Unblock-Us, you’ll experience all the incredible benefits of one of the industry’s leading DNS services:


We’re committed to providing Internet freedom no matter where you are. By using our DNS service, you’ll be able to access websites that are normally restricted in certain geographical regions, while other third-party servers block that access.


We never store any of your data that passes through our secure servers, and we never manipulate the content you access. Other third-party DNS servers view and log your data and use it to target you with advertisements or malicious websites. Prevent DNS hijacking with Unblock-Us to ensure you go to the right website, every time, with total privacy.


Enjoy Unblock-Us at home or on the go on all your favorite devices. Our software can be configured on Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, and many more, all within minutes. With Unblock-Us, getting setup is as simple as changing your DNS settings on your devices.


Unlike other third-party DNS services, Unblock-Us never compromises the speed of your Internet connection. Our secure servers allow you to experience a better, faster Internet — just the way it should be.

As Internet censorship increases around the world, Unblock-Us serves as a third-party service to pave the way for true online freedom and protection for users just like you. It’s time you experienced a truly unrestricted Internet, and it all starts with Unblock-Us.

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