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NBC Sports Live Extra – 1 year subscription

RM780.00 RM119.00

Stream live matches on NBC Sports Live Extra such as English Premier League, Formula 1, 2016 Olympic Games, Tennis PGA TOUR, U.S. Open, French Open, and many more on your PC, laptop, Roku, Apple TV, tablet, smartphone, or Apple device.

All Premier League games will be streamed on NBC Sports Live Extra.



  1. Danny Ong

    I have terminate my ASTRO Sports Package after I subscribed to this NBC Sports. Now I can stream live EPL matches, Formula 1, or PGA Tour on my couch. Enjoy! Hehe. Thanks Izzudrecoba

  2. Syed Muzaffar

    Terbaik channel ni. Layan game EPL live sampai lebam. Boleh tengok replay matched pulak tu. Thanks bro!

  3. A. Azam

    Bought an NBCSports subscription and everything went smoothly. Used to buy Netflix subscriptions from here too before I switched to iFlix. Customer support is good as he’ll replace the account if it doesn’t work. Guys, just get rid of Astro (or any cable provider you’re using) and just subscribe to Netflix and NBCSports.


    Pembelian terbaek bg saya, tgk EPL ngn F1 dlm HD quality. Boleh tgk sume game EPL serentak kalu line korg support. Terbaek!!

  5. Van

    Is it watch on Fire TV?

  6. Van

    Thanks for your reply

  7. Suresh

    Hi. I have a couple of questions before I make a purchase.

    If I get NBC Sports Live Extra, will I be able to get all the EPL matches? Will I be able to watch it from my PC and also, would I need a VPN service to watch the games?

    Thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Yes you will be able to get to stream all the EPL matches. Yes you can watch from your PC. VPN or DNS is required to watch.

  8. JT

    Will the olympics be on this? Does this work with smartydns?

    • admin

      Yes, and yes.

  9. syafiq

    Maaf da subscribe nbc sport live extra n download app dia..pastu apakah step yg sterusnya?

    • admin

      Kene setup vpn / dns dekat device you. Lepas tu login app tu guna login yang diberi (username dan password).

  10. Keting

    Is there any delay streaming between Astro and NBC Sports Live if I’m watching EPL live?

    • admin

      Astro is faster by about 5 – 8 seconds.

  11. Jalil

    Hi admin,

    In term of percentage how many epl games that this channel covered? 100%?

    • admin

      About 80% covered, especially for the popular club 🙂

  12. mohd

    Hi admin,
    before purchase. I would like to inquire further.
    is it possible to log in via pc and tablet using same ID and DNS subscription is different price it is?

    • admin

      Yes it is possible to log in via pc and tablet using same ID.
      Yes DNS subscription is different price.

  13. Jalil

    Hi admin,

    Can I use smart iptv apps from my smart tv to add the m3u playlist? I don’t think my smart tv have this apps though..

    • Raja Noor Izzuddin

      Hi Jalil, are u referring to NBC Sports Live app?

  14. bett

    UEFA Champions league cover in this package as well?

    • Raja Noor Izzuddin

      No. UEFA Champion League is on WatchESPN or Sling TV or DirectvNOW or Directv Premier.

  15. Syazreen

    Android TV boleh run NBC x?

  16. Adnan

    What’s the difference between this and NBC Sports Gold? Which one cover more matches? Esp looking for Arsenal

    • Raja Noor Izzuddin

      NBC Sports Gold cover more extensive matches.

  17. Rossi


    1.Can i use it on my android tv box?
    2.How to set VPN? Are you going to provide them?
    3. Is it in FullHD 1080P?


    • Raja Noor Izzuddin

      1.Can i use it on my android tv box?
      Yes as long as you have setup DNS / VPN on your android TV box.

      2.How to set VPN? Are you going to provide them?
      Please refer to the respective provider’s setup website.

      3. Is it in FullHD 1080P?
      It is HD 720p.

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