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Slingbox M2

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Watch and control 100% of your cable or Satellite channels you already pay for, live or recorded, on your tablet, phone, or laptop, anywhere you have an Internet connection with no monthly fees or blocked shows. All of your live and recorded movies, sports, or TV shows anywhere, anytime with unlimited free apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon Fire HD. Design that delivers High availability, scalability, and for maximum flexibility and price/performance.



Slingbox M2 Setup

To set up your new Slingbox from your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone, please visit the respective app store and download the free version of Slingplayer.

You can also set up your Slingbox from a Mac or PC. Just download the free Slingplayer for Desktop and you’re on your way!

Works with all cable and satellite providers:
  • AT&T U-verse
  • Bright House Networks
  • Cablevision Systems
  • Charter Communications
  • Comcast Xfinity
  • Cox Communications
  • Dish Network
  • Time Warner
  • Verizon FiOS
  • …and all others

Have cable or satellite? You need a Slingbox.

Take the shows, games, and teams you love with you, wherever you go. Whether you are in another room or across the globe, you can be sure that your shows are on.

With Slingbox M2, watch every channel on your television, on any device, like your phone, tablet, or laptop—LIVE. It works over WiFi as well as 3G and 4G cellular networks without restrictions. It even works internationally. All without monthly fees.

And if you’re a die-hard sports fan who travels, Slingbox is a must-have. The extra channels and coverage you’re already paying for are all available without having to worry about ‘blackouts’ or device restrictions. And there are no monthly fees.

Slingbox M2

It’s your TV, live or recorded—in up to full HD 1080p resolution. The Slingbox M2 connects to your home’s Internet router via WiFi or Ethernet. It plugs into your cable or satellite set-top box via component cables and the signal passes through to your TV. You can also connect it to your DVR, DVD, Blu-ray Disc player/recorder, or a video security camera if you choose. Integrated and external IR emitters give you the ability to control these remotely.

True TV Anywhere – no restrictions

When we say ‘watch your TV anywhere’ we mean it, literally. Many companies promise ‘TV anywhere’ but they only deliver a subset of your channels and they probably don’t work internationally. And often, there are strings attached. So ditch the myriad of apps and patchwork solutions. Only Slingbox gives you control of all of your channels and shows, live or recorded, from one app.

The Experience You’re Not Getting

‘TV Anywhere’ is what everyone wants but only Slingbox provides. Only Slingbox delivers 100% of the channels that you are paying for, right to you anywhere in the world on any device. Your current service may offer something similar, but it’s not close to the complete experience you’d get with a Slingbox.

Delivered to all your devices

You’ll be able to watch your TV on any device—phones*, tablets*, PC/Mac, media streamers*—with the free Slingplayer app, available to download from various app stores.You can also connect to a DVD, Blu-ray player/recorder, or video security camera. The integrated and external IR emitters give you the ability to control these devices remotely.

No monthly fees

We know you love your entertainment—you have the extra premium and sports channels. And shouldn’t you be able to watch 100% of those channels you’re already paying for? With Slingbox, you can—without paying monthly fees.

Works with your streamer

If you have a Slingbox, you can pair a streaming device like Fire TV or Roku with a second television and watch your home TV, live or recorded—whether you’re in another room, in your hotel suite, or in your vacation home.

*Slingplayer for mobile devices is required. Available for free in the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and Windows Store.

Slingbox M2 Slingbox 500
Watch and control 100% of the TV you already pay for on a tablet, phone, PC or Mac
View and manage DVR recordings
Absolutely no monthly fees
Watch on a second TV anywhere via Fire TV or Roku
Home TV interface via HDMI with live sports and a gallery view for easy program discovery
Access to thousands of movies with the Blockbuster On Demand app
Integrated YouTube app and YouTube Web Gallery with top-trending videos
Contextual YouTube video recommendations, based on what you’re watching, at the touch of a button



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